Carstens Guest House Copenhagen


Sun Terrace
Our Sun Terrace is a full chapter of it own. On warm summer days our terrace is full of people, sun tanning, drinking and talking. It is a perfect place to hang out after a long day of shopping and sight seeing. Get your shoes off and lay down with a cup of tea. It is often seen that guests do not leave our Guest House at all and just hang all day on the terrace. Super place to talk and meet new friends.

Music Lounge
Our main Lounge is where we all get together before going out to party. On weekend nights we lit the fire place and put on chill music, these are the nights where you can meet our cute Danish friends. People bring their own drinks and the music will surely put you in a mood for party. All guests are welcome. We allow music and noise in this room til 1am on Fridays and Saturdays (normal departure time before we hit the town) and untill 11 pm on other nights.

Bath Rooms
Toilets and bath rooms are all shared on the hall ways. The standard is high and you will have lots of space and privacy here. Though some bath rooms come with bath tubs we kindly ask you to only use showers only to save time and pricey water.
We also kindly ask you to put on makeup in your own room.

Guest Kitchen
Our guest kitchen is often a popular hang out place where you can meet other travellers and cook your own food for free if you feel for it. Its a great kitchen to work in and you can even watch TV while chopping and frying.
Please keep your private food in your room-fridge and bring it to the kitchen when you need you to cook. The fan over the stove must be on at all times when cooking. It is absolutely a must that you clean up everything yourself after cooking!
Snacks, beverages, softdrinks etc. can be bought in the guest kitchen.
Breakfast is not included in our room rates, but we do have a fantastic breakfast to offer you. Actually more like a huge brunch that will keep you going all day. You are offered so much food that you can skip an expensive lunch out in town. Breakfast is served in our Guest Kitchen but if you feel for it you can put it all on a tray and bring it up to the Sun Terrace.
Breakfast is being served from 9:15 am till 11:15 am. Please place your order at least the day before.
Our breakfast is much cheaper than other places in the neighbourhood.
Breakfast DKK 75,-

Copenhagen is perfect for cycling. At the guest house you can rent bikes for the day. If you want to go to the beach or just want to see parts of Copenhagen out side the Old Town you may want to have a bike. You can rent a bike with us from 10 o'clock in the morning and the day out. Our bikes are much better than the “free City Bikes” and cheaper to rent than other places.

1 day: 85,- / 2 days: 160, -
3 days: 225,- / 4 days: 280,- / 1 week: 350,-

Prices are in DKK - Danish Kronor